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First of all, an ounce of hard liquor (gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, or scotch) contains 64 calories for 80 proof varieties, and 80 calories for those that are100 proof.So even if vodka tastes light and clean, it still provides almost as many calories as many other types of alcohol.Absolut Mandrin Absolut Mandrin was launched in 1999, 20 years after Absolut Vodka.The Wacky World of Dessert-Flavored Vodkas Is the Trend for Sweet Vodkas in.Learn how to reduce the calories and carb content of popular vodka drinks. recipes for Low-Calorie Vodka drinks.

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Vodka is usually consumed as a part of different cocktail drinks.Many people choose vodka when they want to drink liquor, and there are nearly as many types of vodka cocktails out.The number of calories in vodka depends on the vodka proof (alcohol content). 70 Proof Vodka.

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One of the more popular questions that comes up with drinking is: How many calories are in vodka.

Nutrition facts and Information for Alcoholic beverage, distilled, all (gin, rum, vodka,. the more essential nutrients per calorie it contains.There are zero carbohydrates in plain, unflavored vodka, or any other distilled spirit.The Smirnoff Sorbet Light line of flavored vodka contains 78 calories per 1.5 ounce serving, while the Smirnoff Black and Smirnoff Ice contain 176 calories per bottle.So, before you raise a glass, get the cruel calorie facts on that bubbly,. gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka,.The main ingredients in Absolut Ruby Red are Absolut Vodka and grapefruit flavor.

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Full nutritional breakdown of the calories in Vodka Collins based on the calories and nutrition in each ingredient, including Vodka, Sonic Maraschino Cherry, Powdered.

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Legha on how many calories are in a glass of vodka: A standard coctail-size drink (one shot fo alcohol) of any liquor.Discover how many calories are in everyday beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, vodka and water.

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Calories in Vodka Martini based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Vodka Martini.

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The amount of calories available in flavored vodka ranges between 56 and 210, depending on the type of vodka.

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At 100 proof a shot has 124 calories 80 proof vodka contains 40% alcohol 1.44° North Vodka utilizes Idaho’s great agricultural wealth to produce the purest Potato (gluten free) and Wheat vodkas possible.

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Here are the technical details to understand the true health effects of the clear spirit.

Mixed drinks and fancy drinks can significantly increase the calorie count.

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Even though there are only 56 calories in a shot of 80 proof vodka, there are approximately 97 calories in a taller shot (1.5 ounces) in the 80-90 proof range.

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How do the calories in a glass of wine compare to typical. lower in calories than you would expect and some that are total calorie.Get nutrition facts and common serving sizes of Vodka including 100 g, 1oz etc.

How many calories in Vodka Cruiser Mudshake (4% alc.) Nutrition Facts. Calories. 279. Fat. Calories.

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Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Vodka including 1 jigger and 100 g.UV Blue is naturally flavored with vine-ripened raspberries for just the perfect touch of sweetness.Get full nutrition facts for other Absolut products and all your other favorite brands.A vodka infusion is a flavored liquor created when vodka is flavored by one or more other ingredients.Find Out How Many Calories Are In Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka, Good or Bad Points and Other Nutrition Facts about it.