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Hey Annette, amazing story and one that is so motivational it made me feel like I should get down to the gym and do some working out.Lost 5 lbs first several days and have not lost anything since.NS has really re-trained me how to eat again with proper portion control.After a failed attempt to diet on my own, I went back to Nutrisystem a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised that the food is MUCH better than it was back then.The Nutrisystem Lean 13 is one of the best diet systems around.Sure, exercising will help boost your metabolism some, so get regular with it and do as much as you can.I learned to fill up on veggies and that I just have always eaten too much and the wrong things.

The frozen meals came separately from Schwanns and about a half hour after, so that was pretty good timing.The Nutrisystem diet has a good concept and the food really is not bad.

It has come a long way from the 80s when you used to have to go to a weekly meeting and talk with a counselor and listen to speeches and pick your food out from racks in a warehouse like setting.

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I am on day 11 of the nutrisystem diet, I started with a 5 day kit that came from Walmart and bought my fruit and veggies plus a ninja smoothie blender all at the exact same time.I think compared with the processed trash you buy in the supermarket that is also full of sodium and lord knows what other additives, the NS food is more than passable.Nutrisystem determines portions,. (A side test of frozen Nutrisystem entrees did much better than pantry ones, according to the review.).You must read this investigation and user reviews before you decide to start the program.I read TONS of review on the net and found that a huge portion was positive feedback.They switched around my eating, moved a power fuel and gave me some tips.

With Nutrisystem, you choose foods you want to eat from a menu, and the food is delivered to your door.The blood type diet is an interesting one that has some merit and is also worth looking at.

I have no complaints on the amount of pasta and or rice in the meals or tomato sauce in alot of them.I have tried maybe 2 meals that were soso but other then that for those that say the pasta is too hard, stir it and cook it 20 more seconds (I did) or too soft maybe you cooked it too long or on the wrong power level.

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In my first month I got migraines which I never get, but Im guessing that was because i use to eat around 4,ooo,5,ooo, cal. a day with lots of sugars, sodium, and fast food.But second time around I ordered the select program that cost more but the meals are tons better.Your company must be making billions off of the poor overweight people, which is fine with me, but please could you cut back on the commercials.This might result in producing some flatulence (gas) in some folks.

If you are on the fence try buying it this way to see if you like it.My biggest beef with Nutrisystem is the lack of quality ingredients.New Nutrisystem food reviews show you the exact way to make a proper chart for your daily meal. Nutrisystem Canada food reviews help you to take healthy foods.Hey mjohn, I think some people complain because its just in their nature to complain.Weight management company Nutrisystem has been posting sales growth in FY2014, thanks in part to popular new product introductions.Xyngular Reviews Jenny Craig Food List Vaughn Hebron Functional Movement Workout.I am a busy college student with a job, so my schedule resulted in quick and easy fast food.If instead you want to kickstart a happier, healthier life, Nutrisystem is the right way.

Before NS I cooked very healthy, clean meals but portion size and eating too few meals a day left us both about 20 lbs over what we wanted to be.NS has a program that allows me to pick and choose my favorites so I want to enjoy the food I like at smaller portions and learn to snack well.I also talked with the customer service rep about sodium as that is a concern with my blood pressure.So I just ordered once again, this time I opted for the Uniquely Yours plan so I can pick my own food.As far as I know, no one has nailed it to any one thing in the food, so the cause of gas could simply be different people have different experiences with it.

Nutrisystem Diet Review. Nutrisystem serves the U. S. and Canada. Of more than 100 reviews, this particular Nutrisystem meal kit earned 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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I like that it tells me exactly what I can add and in what portions.The latest promotion has Marie Osmond staying in the driving seat as the female celebrity face of Nutrisystem.Before I started the program, I was resigned to the fact (so I thought) that the food would be bad.I will say, however, that their Customer Service reps are excellent.

If you try to cancel before the second shipment is sent to you, the company will still charge your credit card for the second month.Many men simply are not into group support environments, and many do not have the time.